How to Handle Child Support Disputes: Attorney Guidance

An experienced attorney is necessary regardless of whether the situation necessitates the establishment of a new custody arrangement, the modification of an existing agreement, or the collection of back child support. These professionals are well-versed in the child support guidelines of Tennessee and can assist you in obtaining the financial support you are entitled to. FindLaw has simplified the process of establishing a connection with a Knoxville child support attorney who is proficient in your jurisdiction. Simply complete the form on a lawyer’s profile, and you will be connected with an individual who is suitable for your requirements.

Both parents are obligated to provide financial support for their offspring. A judge determines the quantity of child support payments that each parent is required to make when a couple divorces. The court considers a variety of factors, such as the combined income of both parents, the number of children in the family, and the percentage of parental time that each parent splits. The court may impute income to a parent who is either voluntarily underemployed or has no income. This determination is based on the individual’s earning capacity, which is determined by their education and employment history.

In Knoxville and the surrounding regions, Inman, Stadler & Hill is a well-established law firm that provides legal services to its clients. The firm is committed to offering clients exceptional representation in a diverse range of legal matters, such as criminal defence, family law, and civil rights. With their extensive experience in complex cases, the attorneys at Inman, Stadler & Hill can assist you in achieving your objectives in a timely manner.

A child support attorney in Knoxville can assist you in resolving your case and guaranteeing that the best interests of your child are satisfied. A child support attorney will provide you with guidance on the legal obligations of both parties and can help you navigate the various options for child custody, visitation, and parental time. They will also endeavour to enforce a delinquent child support order or pursue back payments. They will take all necessary measures to guarantee that you receive the funds to which you are entitled.

John T. Sholly is a Knoxville-based family law attorney who is both experienced and compassionate. He possesses a profound comprehension of the emotional and psychological effects of divorce on families with small children. He has effectively managed a diverse array of intricate cases, such as guardianship, order protection, and child custody and support. He strives to assist his clients in achieving the most favourable result in their cases, whether it be through mediation or trial.

Samuel B. Tipton Attorney at Law provides legal services to families and individuals in the Knoxville region. Its attorneys have a combined experience of more than 100 years in the resolution of a diverse array of legal matters, including family law matters. The attorneys at the firm provide legal representation to clients in a variety of legal matters, including contested and uncontested divorce, custody and visitation, adoption, paternity and father’s rights, and property division. Additionally, they manage estate and criminal law matters.

West Knox Law is a Knoxville, Tennessee-based legal practice that offers a variety of family law services to its customers. Its attorneys are capable of providing assistance in cases involving child support, including the determination of financial obligations and their enforcement. Additionally, they can provide assistance with other legal matters, including divorce and alimony.

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